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Domestic Solutions

Imagine………. sitting on your couch, and with the touch of a button your shutters are sealing, your floor is being heated, your lights are dimming, your television is descending into position and the volume is automatically adjusting. All whilst your sprinklers are watering the grass, and your alarm is activating to detect intruders.   

Sounds easy, sounds amazing, sounds like something you read out of a book….
Sounds like Automated Control Solutions have the answer for you!
At its simplest Home Automation is adding applications to make your home life easy. It is the process of making items that are usually manually controlled, fully
or partially automatic. The beauty with home automation is that it can be individually tailored to suit your individual needs and specifications.

Whilst traditionally, home automation was a luxury only affordable by the rich and famous, today, with the advancement in technology, this is an accessible and surprisingly affordable option for any house hold. The trend to install only large-scale projects, for the businesses and industrial sectors is slowly changing.

Automated Control Solutions, have been apart of bringing easily straight forward user-friendly designs and installing systems that are equally suited to small to medium installations projects.

Furthermore, Automation is not only affordable, it is also a money saving investment. In today’s society there is much discourse surrounding the costs of living and in particular electricity, imagine having the ability to program automatically how much “energy” you use, by automatically programming your house to reduce your energy usage by 10% you could save 10% off your total utilities bill.
Automated Control Solutions, designs and installs automation solutions that suit a myriad of applications, the possibilities are endless.
  • Automatic Lighting control
  • Multipoint dimming
  • Daylight/nighttime control of electrically operated blinds and awnings
  • Wind sensitivity of electrically operated blinds and awnings
  • Under floor Heating
  • Heated towel racks
  • Automatic vacuuming of floors
  • Direct Control of Air-Conditioning
  • Control of Ventilation systems
  • Control of Natural lighting
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Intercoms
  • Robotics
  • Security sensors
  • Security systems
  • Pool systems
  • Grass watering
To start the process of transforming your lifestyle, an expert technician will visit you, upon this visit, we will be able to listen to your needs and recommend products that will add that extra pizaz to your home.
After you are completely happy with the products, and understand their functionality, we will start the installation of the systems. Furthermore, we make sure that you understand and are able to work the systems individually; we tailor them so they are not only simple but user friendly.
Automated Control Solutions technicians are easy to talk to, we take the time to understand your individual desires and are able to assist you from inception to completion, and furthermore we offer ongoing regular maintenance.  
After the installation, you would have just instantly added value to your home, the ambiance of style, sophistication, the sense of ease is truly priceless. 

Call us Today to see how we can make your home life easier, hassle free all with the touch of a button.


Home Automation Benefits
  • Enriches your home and lifestyle
  • Enhances the value to your home
  • Improves safety and security of your home, valuables and family
  • Can be programmed to save you money
  • Is becoming common in new/renovated homes.