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Automation - Commercial

As our name suggests, Automated Control Solutions area of expertise is Automation and Control. Whilst we provide a myriad of electrical services it is no secret that Automation is our specialty….. 

Simply put, Automation is one system or multiple operations that can completely transform the ambiance of any area to which it is applied.  It can have a range of useful purposes like saving money, creating a certain atmosphere, employer control or simply just giving your business the competitive edge.
Installation of Automation projects, no matter the size can be tailored for the Commercial, Industrial, Hotel, Exhibition, nightclub or even the education sectors.
Despite what sector it is installed in, the outcome is extraordinary and truly does transform mood and atmosphere with the touch of a button. It is custom made to your liking and your needs and has a vast range of offerings from touch switches, to customized touch screens to infra red detectors with remote controls.
No matter what your needs and budget we will be able to provide a solution for you.
Whether it is mood lighting, board room control, conference room control, public lighting, occupancy sensors in offices or amenities Automated Control Solutions has the answer for you. No matter how you control your lighting and power with a little technology and innovation we will transform your workplace by giving it the wow factor.
Getting down to business, what does this mean?
Benefits of Automation
  • Gives your company distinctiveness and style that is unique to you.
  • It is designed to meet your needs
  • It is user-friendly
  • By installing Automated Process and Procedures you are taking out the variables that may hinder your company operating at maximum efficiency
  • It replaces these variables with controllable mechanisms that have predefined perimeters with limited or no human interaction.
  • Your employees waste less time on manual, mundane work.
  • You save time that you may have traditionally spent, organizing workers, having meetings making sure that all your needs were communicated to your workers.
  • A safer operating system can be put in place
  • Improved record keeping in order to continuously improve
  • Furthermore, with Automation, Computerization and Robotics the company is able to save money, as the expensive benefits that are associated with manual work are limited, and defined by you.
  • As a manager you have greater control over Quality Assurance and Quality Control.